Double Bubble Beauties!

Here’s some middle of the week car EPICNESS to get you through the week:

Car1: 2015 Camaro ZL1

Top speed
: 184 MPH.

0-60: 4.0 seconds

Engine: 6.2 liter V8 with a supercharger

Car2: Lotus evora sport 410

Top speed: 186 MPH

0-60: 4.0 seconds

Engine: 3.5 litre V6 with a supercharger

….From AAB!  Peace out!

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Don’t Quit Your DayDream!

These things you can see but not with your eyes…and hear, but not with your ears. 

Dreaming takes up A LOT OF TIME, both at night, like every human does, but I also have loads of day-dreams as well.

If I go out at school playtime to play with my mates, I usually end up getting kicked out of the game all the time, so I find a quiet corner because it’s lonely sometimes at school, and I find it MUCH easier to daydream instead of fussing. Also I get bored a lot and feel like I have got nothing to do… So I daydream.

This may seem to you lot as unfortunate, but for me it’s good – or even great! – as I get to think of what future career I might have and how I will achieve it. At the moment I’m thinking of being like SOL (Supercars Of London), who is the best EVER youtuber. (at the moment at least) But for now a blog will do.

My daydreams aren’t all about a future career though. Sometimes they’re just random. An idea, story or event suddenly pops into my head.

Like yesterday, I said to Mum in Co-op Carpark… “Mum I just had a vision. I just daydreamed about a meteor flashing past and then everything going black!”

I guess fantasy daydreams are fun because no one can stop you and your wild imagination.  They belong to me.

They are my thoughts to keep for ever! 

*Thanks for the car votes by the way! The Ferrari is winning , but you still have time to vote!! I’m going to give you some awesome stats about two awesome Mercedes cars today, so check out ‘Caleb’s Cars’ too!