6 weeks of Summer. What’s Not to Love?!

This is my first week off; My last summer holiday before I begin secondary school.

Mum has loads of plans …

BUT!!! As an 11 year old, Summer holidays are MORE about no school work, computer games, Lego, toy cars and action movies.😎🎮⚽️🏎🎥🔫 

Also, for the first time we’re going to Spain, with Dad. The good part is that it’s all inclusive, which means I can have what I want, when I want. Bad part is…. I just don’t want to go😡!!! It’s going to be really hot, I’m sure the wifi won’t be as good, I’m thinking there won’t be that much entertainment. We’ll see.

I am having two visits from my two best friends, at my house, during the holidays… and I’m going to visit them aswell, on other days. Now THAT will be really fun😄!!! There’s already been bowling. Scone baking is next !!

Family time, at times, can feel boring (like having to go to the shops with everyone, for food, and having to join in with other people’s choices) but most of the time it’s great as I get to spend all day with super cute, baby Tilly 👶

Mum sometimes now asks me to walk down the hill, turn left, walk up a hill, round a roundabout, then another 500 metres… To get something she’s forgotten to buy, from a local shop… on my own!! This is quite boring but she does give me money to buy a chocolate bar to eat on the way home. At least I like that bit.

Not so long ago Mum also started letting me and my brother play at the park by ourselves⚽️☀️ We take a watch and a football and are allowed to play for one hour.

Last weekend I had a really fun time at my Grandad’s birthday party! We got him the Electronic Chubacca Mask (as seen by millions on youtube) …we all LOVED playing with it, even Tilly did; she was waving at Grandad when he ‘talked’ in it! 🐵 I wore it with my glasses on top 😂

I hope you are having a great summer!
Also – Have you thought about being a part of a ‘helping’ project this summer? An idea the local police came up with, near me, is to stop kids aged 10-18 getting into trouble by helping their community instead.

To get involved you have to:

1) Get 2-5 mates, can be kids from other schools aged 10-18 (and a grown-up over the age of 18)
2) Fill out an online form and pick a thing to help (eg. autism awarness)
3) Across the summer holidays do activities to help and note online every time
Why don’t you see what is going on near where you live?! 

Speak soon 😎👍🏻
P.S I have discovered em-o-j’s for my blog LOL!!!🎉😀


Keep CALM Mum! – I’m going to High School!

Secondary School.

Grown up view: Maybe the place you know your child is needing to go when he, or she, develops an A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E and has their face stuck in tech all the time!…😆

…but for kids, it is a ticket.

A ticket to being bigger, older, more in charge and independent.

I’m going to an awesome secondary school, something I’ve had my fingers crossed for pretty much since I was in year 5, when Mum first started talking about this new stage in my life. That’s nearly 2 years!

I recently found out I’m in the same ‘form’ as one of my best friends ever! (as at secondary school you don’t have just one class, instead groups and ‘houses‘?!?!)

I’m really excited but also concerned as it is all very confusing stuff. I’m already feeling a lot of work pressure in Yr6 already, and secondary is meant to be even more hard and crazy than primary school work , so, basically, I’m worried I’ll be walking into a brain bomb detonator!!!

I went to visit my secondary school with my Mum though and it was amazing. I was allowed to take our family I-pad to take pictures. I met some of the teachers that were all very nice and took pics of some of the rooms as well. I feel like I might be THE most likely to know the most about this school when we get there, which makes me feel more confident when we meet (whoever “we” will be) at this very cool secondary school; it is based on a old tri-building set up, has a SUPER BIG field in the middle of it! Well, anyway, it’s going to be a very different world to primary school :^)!!!

I thought the uniform was very posh and a little strange to try on, a bit itchy, but very cool sports tops that look like actual sport kits, not like the plain kid primary ones, much more professional!

Awesome teachers, very nice, very friendly – they present themselves in a REALLY good way.

One word to describe the business of bringing lots of different books on different days though – ‘Craaaaaaazy!’… I think I’ll have different days of the week in different piles on the floor, then things in one pile that are for every day.

On the open evening (my second visit of four) I was so excited because my friend would be with me in my form. It all seemed brilliant. But by the end of the night I actually felt dizzy! Not in a good way, even though it’s all been great, nothing bad. But the more info I took in the more things whizzed around my brain and in the end I felt so dizzy that I just sat down!

So what makes an EPIC Secondary School to me?! As well as good standards and opportunities? (My school is in the top 7% in the whole country)…but most important :

Nice people, who respect you and give help if needed. No bullying tolerated. Nice people, everybody – but ESPECIALLY the teachers.

Not too many restrictions. My high school is ALL of these things. It also says it isn’t sorry to have traditional family values, but I have no idea what that means!

I hope that means they try to respect each other like a family does.

Like my family.

Two more visits to go! Excited.


Me. You. And the Beautiful Game.

Me and football.

The best sport ever. Also known as “The Beautiful Game.”

I’m a Man U fan. A big one. I love them because: They’re the best team ever, with Wayne Rooney, my favourite player … and there is no local team where I’ve moved to.

I used to support Hull City when I was younger and lived nearer. (WELL DONE on getting into the Premier League, by the way, City fans!!👏🏻…but watch out, Man U rules the FA! 😜)

Obviously I’m also a huge England fan. What is it with the rest of modern English kids I see, though, who support Argentina, Portugal or Germany as they have the so called “best players.” ??!! 

Going to Wembley was totally epic.

I’ll admit, when I’m watching a game, if my team are loosing in the last 10 minutes, I usually leave the room, end up missing the end of the match, and feel really angry. Mum says the team needs me to be loyal, to the end, that the support might be needed to get an equaliser … But if it gets to that late stage I just feel so wound up, I loose the winning feeling and sometimes give up. I need to work on that maybe!

When I play football I’m Goal Keeper, Centre Back, Centre Defending Mid or Centre Mid as I’m not the best at the odd side or strike, plus I’m:

  1.  The strongest tackler
  2.  Best GK, at school..

But don’t underestermate me; I can still score a woppa of a goal! Also my dream number is 15 as you see on my Man U T-Shirt.

I used to go to a football skills club at the Hull Stadium, run by Hull Tigers FC. It was really nice so I wanted to join another club, now we’ve moved… but mum says she doesn’t think I enjoyed it that much, that I complained all the time afterwards, about players/the ref/team selection not being fare. But I disagree.

Mum reckons I’d be better as a Coach/ Manager one day instead, with the good advice I give to everyone on the pitch.

I LOVE spending time creating my dream team. But, about my favourite players or dream team, I can get a bit…well…more…serious about it at times if people deliberately annoy me, that is. I know you’re probably joking, but it still winds me up. If family say something bad about my favourite players or my ideas, for example, they may be laughing, but how’s that funny?

My brother supports a different team to me. Awkward! Just this week we’ve agreed not to play each other’s teams on FIFA anymore, unless they’re selected to play by the Barclays league. And we’ve said not to laugh at each other if we score.

You see, I love football. But other people’s opinions & preferences. That’s sometimes a problem! I do have more of a joke now though, with my mates, about our differences.

After all…


A Quick Gaming Lowdown

So for my new friends, and all of you lovely lot out there …

This week I’ve decided to list some awesome computer games, not write anything to do with me personally this week, just computer games!

So on this quick lowdown I’ll show you THE best free apps and computer games on earth!


  • Clash of clans
  • Pixel gun 3D pocket edition
  • Lineup 11
  • Bad piggies HD
  • Fifa 16

… and they’re all FREE!


  • Star wars battle front
  • Uncharted 2
  • Uncharted 3
  • Minecraft (PS4 edition, not downloaded)
  • Fifa 16

Also, one more thing… if you see, on any app, or a comment on youtube, from the “AwesomelyAspergersboy” – or on clash of clans: “Coolchamp” – please ask to be an ally or friend on the game, or give a like to me!

Thanks for visiting! 😀

From MrC.

Does your Throat Tingle when there’s Too Many Air Bubbles in your Sponge Cake?

Maybe my body feels things differently to yours?

At the dentist I once needed a tooth pulling out because of an abscess that kept coming back. OUCH! I had to have a numbing injection. But I was SO stressed about the injection they also gave me gas and air. This Swedish dentist talked really calmly and told me a story. He described a place he went on holiday every year by the sea when he was little, with his brother, to help relax me …

BUT IT DIDN’T WORK! It was STILL the second EVER most painful thing, like the needle had gone through my head and out the other side…

The odd thing is that, another time, when my little brother also needed a numbing injection, he felt ZERO PAIN at all, and he had no extra help. What is even odder is he was only 8 years old and i was 10!!!

Another thing I can’t stand is if someone is sweeping the classroom floor with a wooden brush with thick bristles. It makes a horrible squeal and hurts my ears as well.

When I eat cake with a lot of air bubbles my throat tingles a lot. I don’t really like shop cake. My Mums homemade recipes are the BEST! Pasta sauce is also WAY BETTER smooth – I have learnt to eat lumpy sauce, but I usually leave the bits. (Now I’m 11 I don’t say ‘I hate it’ when I don’t like dinner. I’m polite and might just say something like ‘Yes, it was nice but next time you might want to get something [e.g. another brand] from Tescos instead of Co-op‘)

Also when I was little I hated the feeling of little clothes tags and the nobbly line on my socks, but now I don’t mind that sort of thing one bit at all.

So I have changed a bit as I’ve grown up… maybe when I’m a man my body will hardly notice some of these difficult things.

Who knows!

What does your brain tell your body it doesn’t like? I’m interested …Leave a comment if you like 👍🏻

From the Awesome Apergers Boy !

Very Tough Week

So I’ve not had the best of weeks… It wasn’t one bad day or hour or moment – no ‘major problem’ – but instead a lot of little ones making this week turn into a very tough week in my life.

Firstly, my brother moved into my bedroom. To some of you this is a normal arrangement, but as I like a lot of private time I can find my brother Josh (AKA the bedroom raider/thief) rather annoying.

And some normal chaos as well…At school this week it’s been tough. City centre type toilets with the worst smell and wee on the floor. This town also has rules for everything that I don’t get. Like why is it rude to point all of a sudden? I’m not being rude. It’s not with my middle finger.

There was a teacher I’ve never had before who taught us for the day. I didn’t like that one bit but at the beginning of the year we all made a promise to the school not to say nasty, hurtful things on social media so I can’t say more about that.

There’s a boy who keeps slapping my face when he passes me. Every day. They also keep calling me ‘geek’ and ‘nerd’ all the time. I don’t want to be in their popular gang because they’re not good to people, and I don’t mind being a ‘nerd’ if that means smart and happy to be my unique self…. But I don’t think it’s right I should have to have that every day – slapping and kicking/punching and names thrown at me too. Feeling so angry. Had a big chat with Mum and she’s going to ‘sort it’ she says. She also says one day I’ll have lots of friends and won’t feel lonely – and they’ll be the sort of people you want as mates. That have a laugh without hurting anyone.

Examples of annoying things in new bedroom this week too: Josh sprayed his ‘One Direction’ manspray just before bed and it got up my nose. He made noises in the night and it disturbed me. Positives this week : on the first day of sharing everything wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be actually. But on the second day Josh was holding my CD controller when he shouldn’t and he told me some of my toys were actually his – room raider tactics as usual. So half and half so far….I wish I could insist that Josh wear a special suit in the bedroom that electrocutes him if he touches my stuff, but I’m not allowed that! So instead I’m hoping that he leaves my stuff alone, and that I have the patience to get mum if he does.

But like I said in my first ever blog post “…where there is bad there is good…” …but hang on a minute! That little saying has just reminded me that, for the first time in over 4 YEARS!!! I got a birthday party invite from someone at school, that I hope to attend!

And Scott (a football team captain for the local football team and our P.E teacher) came on thursday and we did some Dodge Ball (yes odd for a football team captain to ref dodge ball but Scott does all sports and P.E games with us)… and we did a lot of LAUGHING!

As a good poster I saw with a laughing frog, once said:

 “A day without laughter… is a day wasted”

Don’t Quit Your DayDream!

These things you can see but not with your eyes…and hear, but not with your ears. 

Dreaming takes up A LOT OF TIME, both at night, like every human does, but I also have loads of day-dreams as well.

If I go out at school playtime to play with my mates, I usually end up getting kicked out of the game all the time, so I find a quiet corner because it’s lonely sometimes at school, and I find it MUCH easier to daydream instead of fussing. Also I get bored a lot and feel like I have got nothing to do… So I daydream.

This may seem to you lot as unfortunate, but for me it’s good – or even great! – as I get to think of what future career I might have and how I will achieve it. At the moment I’m thinking of being like SOL (Supercars Of London), who is the best EVER youtuber. (at the moment at least) But for now a blog will do.

My daydreams aren’t all about a future career though. Sometimes they’re just random. An idea, story or event suddenly pops into my head.

Like yesterday, I said to Mum in Co-op Carpark… “Mum I just had a vision. I just daydreamed about a meteor flashing past and then everything going black!”

I guess fantasy daydreams are fun because no one can stop you and your wild imagination.  They belong to me.

They are my thoughts to keep for ever! 

*Thanks for the car votes by the way! The Ferrari is winning , but you still have time to vote!! I’m going to give you some awesome stats about two awesome Mercedes cars today, so check out ‘Caleb’s Cars’ too!