Keep CALM Mum! – I’m going to High School!

Secondary School.

Grown up view: Maybe the place you know your child is needing to go when he, or she, develops an A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E and has their face stuck in tech all the time!…😆

…but for kids, it is a ticket.

A ticket to being bigger, older, more in charge and independent.

I’m going to an awesome secondary school, something I’ve had my fingers crossed for pretty much since I was in year 5, when Mum first started talking about this new stage in my life. That’s nearly 2 years!

I recently found out I’m in the same ‘form’ as one of my best friends ever! (as at secondary school you don’t have just one class, instead groups and ‘houses‘?!?!)

I’m really excited but also concerned as it is all very confusing stuff. I’m already feeling a lot of work pressure in Yr6 already, and secondary is meant to be even more hard and crazy than primary school work , so, basically, I’m worried I’ll be walking into a brain bomb detonator!!!

I went to visit my secondary school with my Mum though and it was amazing. I was allowed to take our family I-pad to take pictures. I met some of the teachers that were all very nice and took pics of some of the rooms as well. I feel like I might be THE most likely to know the most about this school when we get there, which makes me feel more confident when we meet (whoever “we” will be) at this very cool secondary school; it is based on a old tri-building set up, has a SUPER BIG field in the middle of it! Well, anyway, it’s going to be a very different world to primary school :^)!!!

I thought the uniform was very posh and a little strange to try on, a bit itchy, but very cool sports tops that look like actual sport kits, not like the plain kid primary ones, much more professional!

Awesome teachers, very nice, very friendly – they present themselves in a REALLY good way.

One word to describe the business of bringing lots of different books on different days though – ‘Craaaaaaazy!’… I think I’ll have different days of the week in different piles on the floor, then things in one pile that are for every day.

On the open evening (my second visit of four) I was so excited because my friend would be with me in my form. It all seemed brilliant. But by the end of the night I actually felt dizzy! Not in a good way, even though it’s all been great, nothing bad. But the more info I took in the more things whizzed around my brain and in the end I felt so dizzy that I just sat down!

So what makes an EPIC Secondary School to me?! As well as good standards and opportunities? (My school is in the top 7% in the whole country)…but most important :

Nice people, who respect you and give help if needed. No bullying tolerated. Nice people, everybody – but ESPECIALLY the teachers.

Not too many restrictions. My high school is ALL of these things. It also says it isn’t sorry to have traditional family values, but I have no idea what that means!

I hope that means they try to respect each other like a family does.

Like my family.

Two more visits to go! Excited.



10 thoughts on “Keep CALM Mum! – I’m going to High School!”

  1. Oh yes! Traditional family values, with mutual respect, as a result of love – spending time together, supporting one another in work and play, sitting down together for a meal and talking to one another, laughing and crying together (as each supports the other both in the good and the bad times), encouraging one another, listening to each other, releasing each one to be themselves with their own interests and hobbies, accepting one another, and helping each other to succeed. Gosh! That’s a lot – and I bet there’s more 😀 What a great family to belong to! I pray that your new school will succeed, and that as a result, so will you Caleb!

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    1. Thank you jo shaw for a very nice comment and telling me what family tradions means ;^) from AeesomelyAspergersboy


  2. Love this insight into the secondary school transition. And love your definition of family values. Can’t wait to hear all about your first day. Becky xx

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  3. Caleb, really very happy you have such good thoughts even with such big differences you know about too… Keep positive… And honest. I’m a million percent with you xXx


  4. Mr C
    The school looked awesome. Your form teacher was nice too- can’t believe his 1st full day will be yours too – a new group all having the same experience – peas in a pod!
    The field indeed looked epic! Looked like it could fit 5 Wembleys on there 😉 & the other part of the schools buildings looked a bit Harry Potter like
    – maybe they play Quidditch on that side too?

    Excited for your new year in the amazing school 🙂

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  5. Auntie joy Caleb, your school sounds great when I went to school. I had horrible teacher and was so scared of the headmistress. But you are so lucky to be going to a lovely school with lovely teachers and I bet all the children will be lovely to . Just try you hardest and have lots of fun with your new you all

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  6. Hi Caleb!

    I really hope you enjoy your time at your new school. You’ll meet some amazing new friends, and your form will treat you as a family. A helpful way to remember which book to take with you on what day is to colour code them, so put a coloured post-it note on your book for each day. For example, green on a Monday, pink on a Tuesday…
    You’ll love your new school. Enjoy it, but first enjoy the summer.

    Lots of Love


  7. Nan Nan here Caleb. SO pleased to hear you telling us all about your new school. I have been praying that Mummy would be able to find you a super cool one to go to and it looks like she’s done it!!!!! What an exciting time for you…. even if it is a bit of a jump into something very different. But you have grown so amazingly good at coping with changes…… truly our awesome Caleb! Grandad and I are very proud of you. xxxxxxxx

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