Me. You. And the Beautiful Game.

Me and football.

The best sport ever. Also known as “The Beautiful Game.”

I’m a Man U fan. A big one. I love them because: They’re the best team ever, with Wayne Rooney, my favourite player … and there is no local team where I’ve moved to.

I used to support Hull City when I was younger and lived nearer. (WELL DONE on getting into the Premier League, by the way, City fans!!πŸ‘πŸ»…but watch out, Man U rules the FA! 😜)

Obviously I’m also a huge England fan. What is it with the rest of modern English kids I see, though, who support Argentina, Portugal or Germany as they have the so called “best players.” ??!! 

Going to Wembley was totally epic.

I’ll admit, when I’m watching a game, if my team are loosing in the last 10 minutes, I usually leave the room, end up missing the end of the match, and feel really angry. Mum says the team needs me to be loyal, to the end, that the support might be needed to get an equaliser … But if it gets to that late stage I just feel so wound up, I loose the winning feeling and sometimes give up. I need to work on that maybe!

When I play football I’m Goal Keeper, Centre Back, Centre Defending Mid or Centre Mid as I’m not the best at the odd side or strike, plus I’m:

  1.  The strongest tackler
  2.  Best GK, at school..

But don’t underestermate me; I can still score a woppa of a goal! Also my dream number is 15 as you see on my Man U T-Shirt.

I used to go to a football skills club at the Hull Stadium, run by Hull Tigers FC. It was really nice so I wanted to join another club, now we’ve moved… but mum says she doesn’t think I enjoyed it that much, that I complained all the time afterwards, about players/the ref/team selection not being fare. But I disagree.

Mum reckons I’d be better as a Coach/ Manager one day instead, with the good advice I give to everyone on the pitch.

I LOVE spending time creating my dream team. But, about my favourite players or dream team, I can get a bit…well…more…serious about it at times if people deliberately annoy me, that is. I know you’re probably joking, but it still winds me up. If family say something bad about my favourite players or my ideas, for example, they may be laughing, but how’s that funny?

My brother supports a different team to me. Awkward! Just this week we’ve agreed not to play each other’s teams on FIFA anymore, unless they’re selected to play by the Barclays league. And we’ve said not to laugh at each other if we score.

You see, I love football. But other people’s opinions & preferences. That’s sometimes a problem! I do have more of a joke now though, with my mates, about our differences.

After all…



9 thoughts on “Me. You. And the Beautiful Game.”

  1. Well put Caleb πŸ™‚ Very honest and open, with some good points. I’ve got lots of admiration for Man. U., and I’m so pleased that you support them through the good and the bad times.

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  2. Even though we’re in Sheffield, we’re really glad that Hull beat Sheffield Wednesday (probably because Uncle Alan is a big Sheffield United fan!). I’m not really a big fan of football as I don’t really understand it, but I’m a supporter of AFC Wimbledon! Which is going to be fun as they’re now a league 1 football team and will be going against Sheffield United. So I know what it’s like having a close family member who supports another team!
    I don’t truly understand football, but see why people really enjoy it though, it’s great to enjoy something with a big following so you can enjoy the atmosphere when with other people who enjoy the same thing.
    Thanks for another great blog, and as it says on the uniform for AFC Wimbledon, DFTBA- Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!
    Lots of Love
    Beth x

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  3. I’m sorry but I don’t know much about football,only that uncle Alan shouts at the TV and I have to be quiet but I’m glad you enjoy it and get excited it’s good sometimes to have a good shout it makes us all feel a lot better. I am loving getting to know you more and I love your blog’s ,wish I was as clever a you .love you all lots .xx

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    1. Hi Noah…I know right, being a coach or manager would be cool. Speaking of cool, Clash of Clans is awesome! Also, my clan is called β€œcoolchamps” with three members if you would want to join me, which I would really like if you want to. What city/local footy team do you support? From Awesomely Aspergers boy :^)


      1. Hi Caleb I would love to join your clan. I will recharge my ipod and jump in. Your football is more like our soccer…which I love. I like being goalie though I hate it when I let a goal through. Our football in Australia is call aussie rules AFL….the ball is not round and to be honest its crazy rough. My dad loves a team called Collingwood which is based in Melbourne…6 hours drive from here. I live in Red Cliffs Victoria.
        By the way…are you the leader in your Clan on Clash of Clans?
        from Noah πŸ™‚


      2. Hi Caleb
        I looked up coolchamps and could only find a group with 50 members. Is this your group?
        ☺ Noah


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