A Quick Gaming Lowdown

So for my new friends, and all of you lovely lot out there …

This week I’ve decided to list some awesome computer games, not write anything to do with me personally this week, just computer games!

So on this quick lowdown I’ll show you THE best free apps and computer games on earth!


  • Clash of clans
  • Pixel gun 3D pocket edition
  • Lineup 11
  • Bad piggies HD
  • Fifa 16

… and they’re all FREE!


  • Star wars battle front
  • Uncharted 2
  • Uncharted 3
  • Minecraft (PS4 edition, not downloaded)
  • Fifa 16

Also, one more thing… if you see, on any app, or a comment on youtube, from the “AwesomelyAspergersboy” – or on clash of clans: “Coolchamp” – please ask to be an ally or friend on the game, or give a like to me!

Thanks for visiting! 😀

From MrC.


10 thoughts on “A Quick Gaming Lowdown”

  1. Caleb my brain just doesn’t do gaming for some reason😣 I’m rubbish at them all and just get frustrated!!!! BUT I love it when I see you and Grandad playing upstairs in ‘the cave’ and hear you both laughing and shouting a lot. 😉😀💥💥💥

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  2. FIFA is good and I love playing with you all , even though I never win. As a matter of fact I was playing yesterday with your cousins Thomas and Reuben and they also won me😂 But my favourite has to be -STAR WARS ❌👍😜

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  3. Hi it’s the Awesomely Aspergers boy I accidentally put wll, most likely a error but I ment PS4. :^)


  4. Hey Caleb! I’m not very good at gaming to be honest, even though I do enjoy it. I’ll have a look out for you on YouTube! What type of YouTube videos do you normally watch? (Or is that a topic for a new blog post?)
    Lots of Love
    Beth x

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