My Jar-Jar Binks SATS

Jar Jar’s character in Star Wars films gives us a laugh during the more serious action bits of the films. Well, I regularly like to call the NEW PRIMARY SCHOOL CURRICULUM the ‘Jar Jar Binks Curriculum’, because it’s a bit like a bad joke. Rubbish!

It’d be more funny if it was David Cameron being funny, but I’ve heard he actually thinks it’s good.

My tests have been this week. Mum went through some practice papers with me, but I still had no real clue what a preposition phrase, relative clause, conjunction statement or pronoun are… They are all blurring into one group of Stephen Hawkin’s madness.

Other bad bits this week:

– Poppy licking the teaspoon and putting it back in the honey jar

– Josh’s awful chewing noise when he eats apples

– I tried to avoid trouble by playing with a football at the edge of the school field one day, by myself, but then I got into trouble for not sharing it

– I wanted the lights out straight away at bedtime, but Mum stuck to the rule that everyone can read for half an hour to chill out. But how could I chill. I have SATS!!!!

Speaking of politics though… there is a better London Mayor, who promises a better LONDON, who has just been elected:  House prices may go down, more police, free transport on the train, improvements to schools and he’s going to help London be more eco-friendly. I saw him give a speech. LOVED IT. You should look him up.

BUT….Watch out, Trump is about… I don’t mean a Fart – but Donald Trump – who is not allowed in the UK as he is racist and looks and acts like the old Mayor of London – A.K.A drunk!!

REALLY Hope HE doesn’t get elected.


Happy weekend everyone!


5 thoughts on “My Jar-Jar Binks SATS”

  1. A very happy weekend to you, too! I tell you what – I couldn’t have done those SATS, or whatever it is they call them! I’ve no idea what all those words mean. Well done for getting through a week of these silly words. Perhaps you could make up a joke for each one – it might help you to remember them and what they mean for the future. Just a silly thought of mine, to go with the silly words 😀

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  2. I look after 10 countries in my business & after hearing the stress they caused I wanted to see what all this fuss was about so I took the English grammar SATs paper.

    I got 4 out of 10.
    & I’ll be honest, I guessed at least 2 of those!!

    They’re tough dude & I don’t remember having that kind of stuff to do when I was younger so I’m pretty sure Mr Cameron didn’t & therefore would love to know how he’d score on the tests!!

    At least with the new mayor, there’s a man born in London, grown up in London had a business in London, who’s dad drove a London bus too- I bet he can make some right decisions for the people seeing as he has lived & breathed what the people want, need & do.

    So when you build a time machine (I’m sure it will be 1 of the things that you create along with the electrocution suit ;), we should go back to 1977, sit the 11 year old David Cameron down & see what he thinks about SATs
    – I’m sure there’d be a different approach then eh!

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  3. Caleb I feel SO cross when I see how much the school tests are stressing so many children out, when they should be out playing and enjoying the sunshine without a care in the world…… Do you know what, when I was at high school (and I didn’t start doing any exams until I was 11) I was THE star pupil at English Literature and English Grammar…. I always came the top in English exams and won competitions for writing and spelling etc. etc. When it came to my ‘O’ levels (they call them GCSE’s now!) I got the equivalent of an A*…. anyway unbeknown to Paul I had the same idea and tried to answer some of the questions you had been given for your SATS…. only I didn’t even follow through to the end of the test. I was REALLY stumped at most of the questions and know I would have got most of them wrong. Thank goodness these SATS will not make any difference to how well you do in life…… that depends on much more important things

    … like the way you are looking at what is happening in the world, reflecting on it and coming out with informed opinions that will make others think about these things too.
    … like the courage you are showing, together with the wonderful humour, in sharing your life with all of us…..
    …. like the love you show to your family and other people, plus your faithfulness and honesty …. and…. and….

    and I just LOVE following your blog!! AND I just LOVE you!! You have everything you need inside of you to grow strong and succeed and follow your dreams.

    NN xx

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