Does your Throat Tingle when there’s Too Many Air Bubbles in your Sponge Cake?

Maybe my body feels things differently to yours?

At the dentist I once needed a tooth pulling out because of an abscess that kept coming back. OUCH! I had to have a numbing injection. But I was SO stressed about the injection they also gave me gas and air. This Swedish dentist talked really calmly and told me a story. He described a place he went on holiday every year by the sea when he was little, with his brother, to help relax me …

BUT IT DIDN’T WORK! It was STILL the second EVER most painful thing, like the needle had gone through my head and out the other side…

The odd thing is that, another time, when my little brother also needed a numbing injection, he felt ZERO PAIN at all, and he had no extra help. What is even odder is he was only 8 years old and i was 10!!!

Another thing I can’t stand is if someone is sweeping the classroom floor with a wooden brush with thick bristles. It makes a horrible squeal and hurts my ears as well.

When I eat cake with a lot of air bubbles my throat tingles a lot. I don’t really like shop cake. My Mums homemade recipes are the BEST! Pasta sauce is also WAY BETTER smooth – I have learnt to eat lumpy sauce, but I usually leave the bits. (Now I’m 11 I don’t say ‘I hate it’ when I don’t like dinner. I’m polite and might just say something like ‘Yes, it was nice but next time you might want to get something [e.g. another brand] from Tescos instead of Co-op‘)

Also when I was little I hated the feeling of little clothes tags and the nobbly line on my socks, but now I don’t mind that sort of thing one bit at all.

So I have changed a bit as I’ve grown up… maybe when I’m a man my body will hardly notice some of these difficult things.

Who knows!

What does your brain tell your body it doesn’t like? I’m interested …Leave a comment if you like 👍🏻

From the Awesome Apergers Boy !


16 thoughts on “Does your Throat Tingle when there’s Too Many Air Bubbles in your Sponge Cake?”

  1. Hi Caleb, I still hate the feel of the line in the socks, I’m ok if its sitting right but have to fix it if it moves! I also hate it if there is anything else in shoe/socks – I know my Dad still does too and he’s 63(I think)! I also don’t like it when my ears feel itchy – Uncle S thinks I’m obsessed with cotton buds 🙂
    Uncle Steve went on a big conference in hull yesterday and there were loads of really cool speakers that you may like to remember to look up sometime – one in particular is Jamie – he has a few blogs & He’sabout 30 I think but is the main brain behind so much of the bbc website and so is a proper techie. BUT before the conference yesterday he hadn’t spoken to anyone for 8 months – he communicates through his blog/text/twitter etc – his brain gets too anxious with talking. He sounds a bit of an inspiration with all that he has achieved – although I’m not sure he is into cars. Remember the addresses though and take a look sometime

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  2. Caleb – something you don’t know about Mum. I HATE the feeling of my feet overheating in bed, so I always fall asleep with them hooked outside the covers 😆 bed in general is actually quite annoying. Hot pillows, wrinkly covers … I like everything neat, clean, cool, straight, flat, crisp, fresh… And my active brain drives me CRAZY at bedtime too!


  3. Hi Caleb!

    Things my brain does NOT like:

    When people are constantly tapping on something…. it stops me from concentrating.

    When someone (mentioning no names!!) has the TV remote and keeps flicking from channel to channel. I could scream!

    Fun fairs at night with lots of loud music and flashing lights….. it always gives my brain a migraine headache.

    Also have the same foot syndrome as Mum and curl my feet outside of the duvet. Sometimes in the summer I even wrap a cold wet hand towel around them so I can get off to sleep!!

    Aren’t we all funny?

    love NNxxx

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  4. I get claustrophobic toes when my shoes are too tight Mr C!
    Also, when people bite their fork when eating & drag it out from between their teeth – that is quite possibly the worst sound ever 😫 & drives me crazy like I want to run from the house, town, county, country!! X

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  5. Hi Caleb
    My name is Noah from Victoria Australia. I dont like clothes tags lumps in my socks…the way my hands and feet feel after a shower..chewing meat..loud busy rooms

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  6. Hi Caleb
    Can’t stand the ticking of a clock when I’m trying to sleep or the noise people make when they are chewing gum. I also sleep with my feet out of the duvet x

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  7. Hey Caleb,

    I’m enjoying your blog. I had hoped that I was the reader furthest away from you as I am in Myanmar, but I see Noah Pike has beaten me to it!

    But I thought I’d comment anyway.

    I’m an adult, but I still have some funny things that my brain tells my body it doesn’t like. For example I hate having sticky hands, or dirty hands. I wash my hands a lot, not like all the time, but when they are dirty, or get something on them, then I like to wash them. Sometimes I can’t avoid it like when I’m baking, or when I’m playing with my daughter, and some times I forget all about it, but I’m happiest when my hands are clean. It’s not a bad habit to have really, as it is more hygienic anyway to have clean hands.

    Anyway, nice to communicate with you, looking forward to reading more of your blogs.


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    1. Hey! Thanjs for the message! Actually 18 countries have visited the blog this week! Cool or what ?! I had to look your home up on a map!
      I hate sticky, dirty hands too. But forgot to write about that!
      Thanks for following – I’ll look out for your next comment…


  8. Hiya Caleb,

    I cannot bear the sound of liquid being poured into a glass, it really sets me on edge…its ok in real life, but if i hear it on the tv or radio i have to change the channel! Have no idea why it bugs me, but it just does

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  9. Hi Caleb, I find your blogs really interesting, thanks for being honest. You write really well. Things I don’t like? The feel of rust on things like nails or gates, an untidy house (which I have had to overcome with two small children), the sound of someone snoring or eating loudly with their mouth open and lots of background noise like music playing when I’m trying to concentrate .
    I look forward to your next blog.

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  10. What a great insight – I support many children with difficulties and this was really helpful. I particularly like that you have learned how to say things now, in a way that won’t hurt people’s feelings. You sound amazing!


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