Very Tough Week

So I’ve not had the best of weeks… It wasn’t one bad day or hour or moment – no ‘major problem’ – but instead a lot of little ones making this week turn into a very tough week in my life.

Firstly, my brother moved into my bedroom. To some of you this is a normal arrangement, but as I like a lot of private time I can find my brother Josh (AKA the bedroom raider/thief) rather annoying.

And some normal chaos as well…At school this week it’s been tough. City centre type toilets with the worst smell and wee on the floor. This town also has rules for everything that I don’t get. Like why is it rude to point all of a sudden? I’m not being rude. It’s not with my middle finger.

There was a teacher I’ve never had before who taught us for the day. I didn’t like that one bit but at the beginning of the year we all made a promise to the school not to say nasty, hurtful things on social media so I can’t say more about that.

There’s a boy who keeps slapping my face when he passes me. Every day. They also keep calling me ‘geek’ and ‘nerd’ all the time. I don’t want to be in their popular gang because they’re not good to people, and I don’t mind being a ‘nerd’ if that means smart and happy to be my unique self…. But I don’t think it’s right I should have to have that every day – slapping and kicking/punching and names thrown at me too. Feeling so angry. Had a big chat with Mum and she’s going to ‘sort it’ she says. She also says one day I’ll have lots of friends and won’t feel lonely – and they’ll be the sort of people you want as mates. That have a laugh without hurting anyone.

Examples of annoying things in new bedroom this week too: Josh sprayed his ‘One Direction’ manspray just before bed and it got up my nose. He made noises in the night and it disturbed me. Positives this week : on the first day of sharing everything wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be actually. But on the second day Josh was holding my CD controller when he shouldn’t and he told me some of my toys were actually his – room raider tactics as usual. So half and half so far….I wish I could insist that Josh wear a special suit in the bedroom that electrocutes him if he touches my stuff, but I’m not allowed that! So instead I’m hoping that he leaves my stuff alone, and that I have the patience to get mum if he does.

But like I said in my first ever blog post “…where there is bad there is good…” …but hang on a minute! That little saying has just reminded me that, for the first time in over 4 YEARS!!! I got a birthday party invite from someone at school, that I hope to attend!

And Scott (a football team captain for the local football team and our P.E teacher) came on thursday and we did some Dodge Ball (yes odd for a football team captain to ref dodge ball but Scott does all sports and P.E games with us)… and we did a lot of LAUGHING!

As a good poster I saw with a laughing frog, once said:

 “A day without laughter… is a day wasted”


33 thoughts on “Very Tough Week”

  1. Have a good day today Mr C.
    Remember It’s a special bank holiday weekend this weekend too meaning 3 days for chill time.
    I can’t believe it’s only 53 school days until you are no longer in year6 (that’s crazy right?!) – a BIG holiday break & then a whole tonne of new folk to be-friend @ the new school too!
    See you tonight xx

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  2. Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time at school but I’m really glad you are sharing as I’m sure that’s the way forward, and I’m certain that your mum will most definitely ‘sort it’ (mum’s rock!)
    As for the room sharing….you’ll like it much more when you guys discover midnight feasts πŸ˜‰

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  3. Hi Caleb
    Sorry to hear that you have had a very tough week 😟
    Those children who are mean don’t realise how much they can hurt someone, and they don’t realise how lucky they are to know you.
    I wasn’t a “Nerd” at school and I wasn’t in the popular gang, so I was more of an inbetweener. πŸ˜‚
    But i had “Nerdy” classmates who have grown up to be very successful in adult life, so being a nerd is something to be proud of.
    I wish I was a Nerd back then πŸ˜‚
    Your mum will sort things out for you and hopefully things will stop, the good thing is you have spoken about it and told someone rather than keeping it to yourself.
    I hope you enjoy the party you have been invited too and remember to just carry on being you, don’t ever change.

    Keep up the good work βœ”οΈ

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  4. Reading this all the way in Italy. Thankyou for teaching me what it’s like to have an aspergers brain. Nobody explained it so well so me before.

    Your Mum’s right, there’s people out there who’d love a bright, funny, articulate friend like you. True friends will defo come along

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  5. It sounds like you have a very good mum who I am sure will “sort it” for you at school, but I am very sorry to hear that the other children are not always kind to you. That’s not okay at all. One day you will have good, kind friends who will like you for the person you are.

    I understand it is different to have to share your bedroom and that it can be hard when things change. Learning to share is very important as it is kind to share. I am proud of you for trying.

    I love that you have been laughing and that you have a party invite!

    I hope you have a nice weekend and I look forward to hearing about it soon.

    Thank you for writing such an interesting blog.

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  6. Nice one Caleb, it’s great that you’re able to focus on the good things when everything seems tough. I used to get called a geek at school but I was just being me, and that’s okay!

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  7. Well safe to say your week has been far from ideal Caleb! Well done for keeping things in perspective and remember, everybody has good weeks and bad weeks ! I saw your mum this week and she had nothing but lovely things to say about you so that’s nice, as some children your age have families that don’t or can’t love and care for their children as much as yours do ! I’ve seen your bedroom – I think it’s ACE! Although I did think I coukd smell a lingering One-Direction-Man-Spray-type smell πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ have a FAB weekend and enjoy yoyr swimming lesson tomorrow and having sone family time ️xx

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    1. And I had a funny and odd weekend as well, but about the 1D spray thing, Josh did do it for a reason… Because I’d trumped 10 times during the night before (he says!)… But any way, please do tell everyone about this cool site.


  8. Keep that lovely chin up and mum will sort it as that’s what we do best!!

    As long as you keep the laughter you will always be true to yourself. New school in September, new start and new friendships with people who will be lucky to have you around.

    Keep up the blog work!! πŸ˜‰

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  9. Cake what am amazing blog. You are so kind and funny and smart. You think things through and keep them in perspective. These children don’t understand what it is to be unique and awesome like you. They need to learn that having you as a friend is better than having loads of silly ones. You rock.

    Hang in there – mummy will sort it.

    Big hug

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  10. Hi Caleb. My name is Rob, I read all your blogs from Cheshire. I’m enthralled…be it laughter, intrigue, anger (at the silly bullies) or wonderment at your brilliant articulation.
    I’m a pretty busy guy (I fix trains from Liverpool) so don’t follow blogs or even read the news these days as it’s mostly depressing…except yours in all honesty, I look forward to when I see on your mum’s facebook page that a new article has been created! It is always a great read!

    I can’t really relate to you with cars, (I had a Nissan 350Z once upon a time…) what do you think of them?
    But Ferrari is the best in my opinion!

    Change isnt always as bad as it seems so don’t be too down about your new living arrangement…maybe sit down with your bro and write up some bedroom rules…

    As with school…don’t let other people get you down…a saying I like to live by is ‘Every caterpillar turns into a butterfly!” So they may call you names now but when you are in your mansion from making your millions from your super duper blog…who will be laughing then?

    Keep smiling…and keep blogging…for your fans!

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  11. Hi there!

    You don’t know me, (well, that’s not strictly true – I did meet you at your mums wedding, but you probably can’t remember me) but I do know your mum and Paul.
    I have something to admit – when I came to your house a couple of weeks ago, my son, George (he’s nearly 10 years old, but I think you’d get on as he’s quiet grown-up) also played with some of your stuff (not from in your bedroom – that would not be nice – everyone should be able to have private stuff without some unknown child poking about in their bedrooms!!) but computer games. I hope you don’t mind that too much, and you wouldn’t feel the need to electrocute him!!

    Anyway, I thought maybe it would only be fair if you came round to mess with his computer stuff and play FIFA or something? Or maybe you’d like to go to laser quest or to watch city? Maybe with Josh too?

    Let me know if you fancy doing something, maybe over half term? As although my son likes school and has a few nice pals, he has been picked on a bit before, and called names like you have. We also live a long way from the school he goes to, and he doesn’t get to play out much or have friends over to play, or have tea and do normal stuff like that – maybe your a bit in the same boat!

    Anyway I hope school gets ‘sorted’ today and those ‘popular’ boys realise that it is deeply uncool to behave that way! Maybe when your older and the boss of, say, an electrics company, you could employ them to be the Guinea pigs to test out that electrocution suit idea! πŸ˜†


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    1. Nice comment πŸ™‚ it’s o.k that he had a go, after all, everyone should share in their life…it’s just when people like little brothers raid your stuff all the time, you feel the need to do what is necessary (heeheehaha) …any time at laser quest would be AWESOME, but perhaps not hull city as I’m a Man U fan! (Mum says don’t tell Andy! Just tell him I was one when I lived nearer!)…From the awesomely Aspergers boy! ✌🏻️


  12. Caleb, amazing blog – keeping me inspired and challenged. I LOVE the idea of the electrocution suit – I want everyone to wear one who might try and steal my chocolate!
    You are a brave soul young man and I feel very angry about people being mean to you. I’m so glad you have your mum fighting in your corner as she is the best at standing up for people.
    I really hope the room sharing becomes easier. Lucky josh getting to share a room with his big brother.
    Hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend.
    Becky xx

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  13. Hi CALEB! Your younger brother JOSHUA HERE! Some times Caleb, you’re a brill brother like giving me things for free or swaping things with me. But then sometimes you do forget you’ve given me things and then call me a ‘raider’! Or you give me stuff you don’t want without asking me , cluttering up my room!!
    I couldn’t wait to move to the same room as you because it will be fun and i will get to know and talk to You more.It will also give us a better relationship so we get on more and we won’t argue as much about silly stuff… one day we may even be best freinds and work together.

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  14. Hello fab person!! You are a hero and I’m proud of you πŸ’ͺβœ‹πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ ….. this blog is amazing!!! Bullying is Rubbish!!! Some examples from when I was young…… a LONG timeago!…… Got called ‘brillo pad’ and ‘golly wog’ and ‘frizzy’ (thick curly hair) ….. also ‘posh pants’ (spoke with a different accent and was a prefect) My teacher hit me with his trainer on the back of my leg (so hard that it left the imprint of the sole of his shoe on my leg in bright red) and another teacher with a ruler on the back of my hand ….. both punishments for talking in class….. and a gang of older boys waited for me after school and turned me upside down and put my head down a grate in the road!!!!! Rubbish rubbish rubbish! But you know what… it all passed and everything changed for me when I went up to high school! I made some awesome friends, did really well in my exams, got a place to study for an awesome job….. got lots of better jobs …… travelled all over the world…. etc etc etc ….and now have 8 awesome grandchildren !!!!!!!!! And one of them is the FAMOUS Asbergersboy πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž Happy days tra! la! la! Seriously all this ‘stuff’ will get better and you may even be able to smile about it all like I do now about my troubles when I was growing up …. meanwhile I think about you every day and pray for you and KNOW you will continue to grow from strength to strength with Mummy’s help and the support of ALL the people in our big and fantastic family. xxxx

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  15. I do feel for you. My son was bullied very badly at School, but has very much found his niche now. So much so, that he’s an Autism ambassador at his college and has now been offered an apprenticeship to help others with learning difficulties in his College study center. The bullies now are nowhere to be seen!

    I was diagnosed with Aspergers myself at age 47, so quite a late diagnosis, yet I run a company specifically for carers and Adults & Children with Aspergers, offering holiday a holiday let which is Autism friendly.
    We also have a Vegetable, fruit and herb project run from my home, which is supported by a local Autism enterprise and which aims to take food from seed to table with the production of relishes, jams and chutneys, to be sold at a local market.

    It seems to me like you do a lot to raise awareness with your fantastic Blog and your contributions will surely go a long way to making a difference in the world. Keep up the good work Hun. It’s people like you that change things for others, for the better. I take my hat off to you and I know the world will be your oyster.

    Please feel free to contact me any time and do view our project and follow our progress. God Bless. M

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    1. Sounds very cool and yes, my days of being bullied is almost over and a new era of lots of fun and joy is coming! Keep up the good work and if you want a website as well there is a app called WordPress that I used to make this cool place : )


  16. Dear Caleb, thanks for sharing your blog and I have to say I feel very angry and indignant on your behalf with those ignorant children at school!! I was never one of the popular kids at school and however much kids say to or do to hurt you, you will always be the stronger person because you can walk away, knowing that you should treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, (which is what my mum used to say to me) and you would never bring yourself down to their level, stay strong hold your head high and just find something you enjoy doing, whether on your own or with the nice kids at school. I am a great believer in karma and “what’s goes around comes around” -sorry lots of proverbs in my comments!!! Hoping your wonderful mum has sorted it for you now! Also I can relate to you having to share a room with your brother, I had to share a room with my sister for years!! You do get used to it and I quite liked the comfort of having some company especially at night, the only problem being my sister would talk incessantly!! Even if I stopped talking to her and just grunted she would still carry on chatting!!! We do laugh about it now!! Hope you having a fab long weekend away from school. Looking forward to your next update.
    Kris xx

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  17. Your nan is so right calib you are so lucky we all love you so much all auntie joy family too .but of course they are your family also so a lot of love coming your way. You are so special. Love you too Josh poppy and Matilda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  18. Hi Caleb it is Evie I LOVE your website soooo much.I am even thinking about making my own website!Also I have to share a bedroom with my little sister and I know it is hard but as your brother grows up it will get better trust me and at the moment grab all your special objects and hide them some where he can not find them.

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  19. Hey Caleb, I’ve come here from Facebook. Lovin your blog, it’s great to hear stuff from your side. Bullying sucks, I’ve been there. Never had to share a bedroom with a sibling but I bet that sucks too! Hope you enjoy the party. Stay cool


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