Two Cars to get the Party Started!

Car:Merc’s GT-S AMG Black upgaded by brabus 


Top speed: 227 MPH (was: unknown but faster than a ferrari 458 Ittalia!)

0-62: 3.6 seconds (was: unknown)

Engine: petrol 8 cylinder (was a V8 with a turbo)

Merc’s GL 63 AMG upgraded by brabus

Top Speed: 174 MPH (7 MPH quicker)

0-62: 4.7 seconds (0.2 seconds quicker)

Engine: a petrol the same origanal 5.5 liter V8 with a turbo (but brabus has given it a extra 61 horses! In total thanks to brabus it has a wopping 611 horses!!!)


5 thoughts on “Two Cars to get the Party Started!”

  1. Merc’s GL 63 AMG upgraded by brabus….. has to be…. just look at that interior!! HOWEVER…… and you know what I’m going to say ….. RUBBISH for our home planet Earth 😦 Can you find me one that looks just as comfy but is an eco-friendly small engine? There must be one somewhere !!!

    Love Nan x


    1. Thanks a lot for the cool comment! I have looked at it on Mercedes page that I’m sure that you would like to go on as well. I do like it in Matt grey with black wheels and thin yellow outlines
      From the awesomely Aspergers boy and P.S please tell everyone you know about this blog LOL!


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