Mum says “Just let it GO Caleb!”

So after something bad happens with someone, when it has been sorted out, my mum says:

“Caleb, you need to just let go of things in life”

So, for example, a boy calls me an ugly troll and then punches me – he did get into trouble for that – I will remember next time, even when I try not to, because my head is like a file app on a phone;

Every person in my life has a file. And every place and thing that happens…Is an upload to that file.

The next time I have a problem with that person it isn’t just about that one time, it becomes about everything that has ever happened with that person. All the memories are just THERE in front of me.

I remember all the problems, all the different points of view, and it builds up anger until I sometimes overreact to what has just happened.

So I try to walk away. I try to keep it in my head. And I try to get a grownup to come and help.

But after what feels like a big overload, it feels like a release, and I’m calm again. It does feel a bit like Mum’s says, “a clean sheet.”

Now, a bit of fun about cars! Can I ask for a Point of view /vote from you lovely lot… It’s free to vote for which supercar estate is the car I should one day have, when I become a famous you tuber.

The rules:
Only one person is allowed to vote for one of these cool cars
It has to be a car on the list

Here are the cars:

.Ferrari FF
.Mercedes C 63 AMG S estate
. Bentley Continental estate
. Porsche pamarera turbo
. Lamborghini Estoque
. Maserati Quattroporte

Please leave a comment !!!


14 thoughts on “Mum says “Just let it GO Caleb!””

  1. Brilliant post! I love reading your blog it really is very good and informative.

    I’m not really the best person to ask about cars, but I do like Ferraris! I pick Ferrari FF!

    Carry on doing what you’re doing you amazing people!!!

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  2. I’ll have to say the Mercedes. But its the only one l can think what it looks like. Sorry not very scientific.
    Love you – Grandad Dave✖️🏎👊😎

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  3. Mum here Caleb! LOVE YOU SO MUCH. When you’re famous I think you should have the Mercedes! OBVS! You can buy me anything but the Porsche… Lamborghini is my FAVOURITE 😉 xxx


  4. I’ll have the Bentley so I can feel like the Queen Mother!!!! Ha! Great blog, good advice from Mum too. I’m sorting out all my old files in the office at the moment Caleb. I want to go ‘paperless’…… some files are harder than others to throw away, so I’m starting by throwing out the easy ones and the room is feeling less cluttered. I wonder if that’s the same with your brain? Have a de – clutter and start to let the easier files go first? At least your brain won’t feel so full 😊 Just a thought. LOVED seeing you yesterday by the way and having tea. You’re just like Grandad….. he lives lots of bread too….. with absolutely EVERTHING!! Love you xx

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  5. As a birthday present I once got given a car driving experience where I got to drive a Ferrari F40. It was AMAZING.

    I also got to drive an Aston Martin DBS, but that was a bit boring in comparison…

    So I choose the FF.

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  6. Oh how I love reading these. Xx
    Lamborghini Estoque …. (Also as I didn’t quite know how to spell Lamborghini …… Auto-spell check did it for me after Lambo..

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  7. Caleb thank you for your words, I’m 29 and have trouble letting things go, the same as you they all get stored in a person’s “file” in my brain. I haven’t read a better explanation of this from anyone else, keep writing, the world needs your perspective! ❤️

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