Dear TopGear, A Honda Mower is not a car, Let alone a DREAM CAR!


To whom it may concern,

My name is Caleb Grover, aged 11. I am really into cars and TopGear. So when I got your “Topgear Dream Cars” book for Christmas I loved it! However, why is the Fiat 500, Ford Fiesta… And so on… In the book? But WORST OF ALL: not a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini – BUT A HONDA MOWER???!…not EVEN a car, let alone a DREAM CAR?

I am not trying to be rude or trying to get a refund. But I am saying, in future, you should think twice before officially publishing a book called DREAM CARS, including cars that do not match the title.

Yours sincerely, Caleb Grover

Posting this letter today, to the BBC!

…As the second time of writing to you lovely lot out there – AND the first car blog – I’m going to keep it personal, but still cars.

I once thought that millionaires must use a cool book, about cool cars; e.g. Topgear Dream Cars book, bought from Argos Catalogue (wishihadenoughmoneytodothat! #beBillGates)

My number 1. Job is designing and owning car companies and be the richest of all, in Europe, ever!

Job No.2still includes cars; becoming head of vehicles, and weapon designer for SAS, Army, Navy, and Air Force UK.

If you want to read about REAL super cars, follow my ‘All about Cars’ page, I’ve already planned the next 17 weeks. Correction, the next 24 weeks now!



2 thoughts on “Dear TopGear, A Honda Mower is not a car, Let alone a DREAM CAR!”

  1. I think one of those lawnmowers would be great for Grandad. And he would look really cool in the helmet ha!ha! We need to move and buy a house with a lawn as big as a field so at least he could build up a bit of speed 😊😀😁😂

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